As a copywriter by trade, written language is the tool I use to tell a story. This can take on the format of a video, longform blog post, multi-page sales deck, or copy for a website pillar page. But even before considering the word count or placement, the first step is to develop the overarching idea. Call it a tagline or campaign idea, this core concept becomes the rally cry for the marketing campaign, giving legs to all creative assets and synergizing them under a memorable and recognizable expression of your brand.
Storytelling is the universal language.

Copywriting builds connection.

Copywriting is more than words on a page or voiceover in a video.

It’s the tool that builds connection with your target audiences. As we’ve seen over the course of advertising history, formats change — drastically! But one thing remains the same: people love stories. Storytelling builds connection. And connection builds brands.

I excel at the following copywriting activities:

  • Campaign concepts
  • Taglines and positioning statements
  • TV and video scripts
  • Copywriting for marketing automation
  • Copywriting for SEO
  • Blogging
  • Website copy
  • Copy for PPC and paid social ads
  • Copy for sales enablement assets