Applying creativity to solve complex business challenges.
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Marketing Direction

Applies marketing strategy as a powerful tool to support corporate initiatives, solve business challenges, and achieve revenue goals.

Creative Direction

Inspires teams to elevate brand messaging and visualization; improving brand recall, creating customer loyalty, and producing moments of delight.


Crafts engaging marketing language that is implemented across a variety of media platforms to persuade, entertain, inform, and convert.

Advertising Concepts

Encourages teams, clients and target audiences to unite around a single-minded message to improve brand perception and ignite sales.

Inbound Marketing

Utilizes owned and paid media to attract, engage and delight ideal client profiles; nurturing through all stages of the sales funnel.

Content Strategy

Organizes information into meaningful topics, hierarchies, and sequences, using behavioral data to align audience intent with the brand’s unique perspective.
"Alicia has a strong sense of how marketing fits into a company’s broader strategy. She understands the internal company imperative for marketing to perform and is able to articulate how it does exactly that in a way that executives understand."
Jamie Elgie
— Head of Marketing, Citcon Inc.


Joy is My Superpower

As a joyful employee, I use my infectious energy to establish connections and build trust with colleagues, partners, and clients. I have the innate ability to work with a wide range of personality types, operating on the premise that authentic enthusiasm for the job at hand motivates teams to produce high quality work.
Ideates and innovates to solve challenges.
Showcases loyalty to people, vision, and initiative.
Charitable with my ideas, time, and energy.
Intentional, orderly and organized in execution.
Leads by example and displays integrity.
Lighthearted. Uses humor to build connections.


Alicia LaPann has over a decade of experience in creating, concepting, and leading teams to produce effective integrated marketing campaigns.
2020 – 2021

Mole Street

Director of Content Strategy
Directed inbound marketing strategists at Diamond HubSpot Agency to nurture and convert prospects via owned and paid media channels. My core skill sets include leading teams to identify marketing opportunities, strategize integrated marketing solutions, set SMART goals, track KPIs, and scale for growth.
2014 – 2020

Mole Street

Creative Director
Directed team of creatives and strategists at fast-growing inbound marketing agency to produce effective integrated advertising campaigns through organic and paid placements: organic search, custom-built websites, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and LinkedIn Ads.
2013 – 2014

Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners

Concepted creative campaigns and wrote commercials for clients such as Under Armour, Reyka Vodka, Planet Fitness and Swarovski at this fast-paced advertising agency during a period of rapid growth. Named AdAge Small Agency of the Year 2013.
2008 – 2013

Havas Worldwide

Produced creative ad campaigns and brand-level concepts for CPG, food and beverage, public service, and automotive clients such as Volvo, Woolite, Durex, Lean Cuisine and The Ad Council. Gained significant television production experience, engaged in critical client-agency interactions, and received multiple industry awards. Cited as World’s 10 Largest Ad Agencies by AdAge.

Career Highlights

Presented to World Health Organization
Capitalized on the profound opportunity to present my public service ads in partnership with The Ad Council to the World Health Organization.

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Featured in Communication Arts Magazine
Included in CA Magazine, the leading trade journal for visual communications and largest creative magazine in the world.
Commercial directed by Rob Zombie
Originated and wrote an unconventional commercial for Woolite that was directed by feature film director, Rob Zombie.

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