Creative Direction

A mentor once said to me, “You don’t get better at being creative. You get faster.” There are amazingly creative people all around the world. But it’s not just about brainstorming a mix of fun and quirky concepts. It’s about coming up with the right idea. It’s precisely this intelligent decision-making that makes a great creative director. I have the discernment to know what will work and what will resonate with audiences. I have years of experience in producing the highest quality product while learning from tests and trials. I coach creatives of all skill levels to come up with great ideas that will produce real results for the brand. And I guide the marketing team through the creative process toward the end goal.
I inspire teams to think big.

Elevating the Brand with Creative Direction

Great creative emotionally connects your target audience with your unique selling proposition.

A successful creative concept improves brand recall, rouses consideration, converts leads, and lifts sales. Excellent campaign ideas rise above specific ad formats, while translating seamlessly to multiple media placements.

I excel at the following:

  • Campaign development
  • Taglines and positioning statements
  • Competitor analysis
  • Directing in-house and contractor creatives and strategists
  • Executing across multimedia: digital, traditional, experiential
  • Reporting